It’s been awhile … … and something about “Cloud Storage”

Starting a business and constantly pivoting on ideas while doing consulting sure takes a toll on “Free Time” for things like BUGS and open source software. Picked up Python 3 along the way and made some software or should I say “apps” with Kivy on the Android Platform.

With all the hype about putting everything on the internet ( I believe common folks knows it as “cloud” now), everywhere you turn keeps encouraging you to put things up in the concentric water vapor. For cloud storage, there is a secure storage options called SFTP that most common folks had long forgotten. Its no Dropbox nor Gdrive nor OwnCloud nor anything sharing as many common folks know it but it sure is the granddaddy of “Cloud Storage”.

With a solid foundation based on SSH, the connection is already encrypted by default. Furthermore, you are not limited to a certain app to connect via SFTP protocol. Common Operating Systems have many native apps that can connect to SFTP server. So whether you are using iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, or *BSD, there is an app already built to connect you securely to the “cloud” for all your privately secure storage needs.

After some brain storming with my business partner, we thought we would begin to offer SFTP service for individuals and businesses who would like to use their own USB3-powered Storage Devices (eg, Flash Drive, Harddisk, Solid State Disk) and have us host it on the cloud using this extremely secure protocol.  If you like the idea of buying your own harddisk and get us to host it for you, check out RentaBlock.