Blender User Group of Singapore Meetup — 24th Sept 2011

The Blender User Group of Singapore (BUGS) will be having a meetup on the 24th of September 2011.  It has been a while since we’ve last met and most of us just communicated via mass email.  Yes, we are alive and kicking just not that visible to the world.  Those who are interested in joining the BUGS are highly encourage to contact me directly via renderfun [at] gmail [dot] com. This meet up follows swiftly after Software Freedom Day where members of the BUGS participated in spreading our favorite 3D packages and provides an introductory workshop to the public wanting to test the 3D water.  Currently, topics for the meetup are still in discussions but we are looking at a tutorial for Cycles and a touch of Python Scripting in Blender.  The space is graciously provided by where they also host tons of other tutorial and workshops for other open source projects.  Below are the meetup information and I hope to see you there!!


 Date:     24th of September 2011
 Time:     11:00hr -12:30hr
           70A Bussorah Street,
           Singapore 199483.
 Agenda:  - Cycles
          - Python Scripting in Blender

BUGS at Software Freedom Day 2011

Once again, we will be participating in this year’s Software Freedom Day (SFD).  A major plus for this is year is that Soh Wee Lian ( ) will be conducting a workshop.  Wee Lian recently went back to school to refresh himself with VFX production and got a job at Lucas Film.  The best part is, he did it most of his stuff in Blender!!   As SFD is an event to let the public know about Open Source Software, the workshop is a gentle introduction to the world of 3D for those who want to get a little taste of making something in the 3rd dimension. If you have never use a 3D software before, come on in and see it for yourself.  It would be beneficial if you pre-install blender first before attending the workshop. You can download Blender at

See you there!!