BUGS meeting #5

As I have announce in the “year-end review” of the BUGS mailing list,
this year will be a go-all-the-way-out-year to boost the presence of
BUGS.  Henceforth, make yourself present on the

 Date:     27th of February 2010
 Time:     12:00-1300hr
 Location: UniSIM
           535A Clementi Road
           Block 82 --- Rm2.02
 Agenda: Marketing events for 2010
         - Workshops
         - Portfolio / Demo Reel
         - Xtreme Animation
         - Logo / Motion Graphic Animation Competition

Give some serious thoughts about the agenda and give us feedback!!


2 responses to “BUGS meeting #5

  1. Is this group still alive? We’ve got 2 Blender seats at our studio, successfully pied pipered over from 3ds max. 🙂

    • Yes, the group is still alive but we have reduced our activities to a pseudo mailing list. To join BUGS, send me an email [renderfun (at) gmail dot com], with some info about yourself, how long you have been using Blender and what do you use blender for. (^_^)

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