BUGS Christmas Gathering 2009

I hope all of us are feeling the Christmas spirit and don’t forget out first ever BUGS Christmas Gathering!!

Daniel Yam is sponsoring the location and drinks!  Ching Ling will be back from SIGGRAPH ASIA and will be sharing with us about her experience there.  Once again we will do it potluck style so bring snacks/food to share and the host will supply the drinks!

Its a good time for a year-end review and to look forward for our road to a great 2010!!
BUGS Christmas Gathering

Date:  26th December 2009
Time:  10:00hr (aka. 10AM)
Venue: The Creative Room
       447A Macpherson Road S(368157)

447A Macpherson is the first bus stop after Hotel Windsor. It’s a row of old shophouses in front of the bus stop.  They are on the second floor.


I look forward to seeing all of you there!!


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