legacy sound issue of maya

Apparently Autodesk Maya has not move beyond Open Sound System to ALSA or better yet JACK.  Since I am working with studios using Maya 7.0.1 (yeah I know its ancient, but studios tried to stay legal nowadays so I am bearing with it), a recent upgrade from Fedora 8 to 11 broke Maya sound.  It was not detected a couple of months back since we have yet to reach animation stages which require sound.  Long story short, it hit us and boy was I surprise when I saw from the-Area forum that Maya 2009 faces the same problem!!  Here’s the solution to solve it in Fedora 11:-

  1. Make sure you have installed
    alsa-oss alsa-oss-libs alsa-plugins-oss
  2. create symbolic link pointing


  3. In your favorite terminal emulator, start Maya by typing
    aoss maya

If you want a more elegant solution, please visit http://area.autodesk.com/forum/autodesk-maya/installation—hardware—os/maya-2009-x64-sound-problem-on-fedora-11/page-last/


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