BUGS Meeting #4 Report

Since the Blender Challenge was canceled, the BUGS went ahead and planned for Meeting #4 on 24th October @ 10:00hr.  UniSIM allowed us to use the room previously reserved for the Blender Challenge Workshop and boy was it a great place to have a meeting and workshop.  Will take a picture next time!!

Around 8 people attended and half of which are new so we went around introducing ourselves and get acquainted. Daniel Hand gave a brief of how he uses the cloud to start a render farm while Luther Seet? gave us a low down on Architectural Visualization.  Weelian gave a demo on a few very useful built-in python scripts like ones that adds volume to a fedora hat which he speed model it in front of the audience. Sim has a question he could not solve about collada exports and Weelian helped out and got it solved within seconds.  Now Sim just have to tell us how it works in his final project when he finishes!!

Upcoming event is a one-hour Workshop by Sim where he will show us how to do product visualization. So stay tune!!


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