BUGS supporting Red Hat Blender Challenge

Red Hat Blender Challenge

Red Hat Blender Challenge

Its finally arrived.  After almost a year of preparation and discussions with Red Hat and UniSIM, The Blender Challenge is here!!  The BUGS will be providing 5 workshops to registered competitors, each workshop last about  5 hours and will give a comprehensive overview of Blender functionality.  Furthermore, those teaching the workshop, together with Red Hat and others will also be judges in the final round.  So, if you are a student in a tertiary education institute, head over to http://redhat.studio912.com/blender/ to get more information.  Registration ends 10th of October 2009.


2 responses to “BUGS supporting Red Hat Blender Challenge

  1. Hi, I would like to be in BUGS mailing list, how do I go about joining? Is there a contact email I can send to?

  2. Hi there, im from the architecture industry and have been experimenting with blender for about 2 years. I was previously trained as an animator using Maya and subsequently used it for architectural exploration, but ever since i discovered blender, i never went back to maya. One of the things i forced myself to do with my previous company was to join an international architectural competition just using blender as the software for designing and rendering. Though the entry didn’t win, it got featured in the magazine, but nobody knew it was blendered!

    I’d like to learn more from you guys from BUGS and perhaps also share my experience with blender for architecture. Mail me at lutherseet@yahoo.com.sg if you can.

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