Lack of updates on the Blog but lots of things going on……

Since meeting #3 on 15th of August, quite a few things happen and some unexpected. If you are on the mailing list, you would be updated on quite a few things but here’s a summary……

Let’s start with some BUGS meeting #3. Our 3rd meeting talked about our next workshop and our BUGS’s Logo. The BUGS have been holding back our own workshop with the news that a major a Linux vendor and a local University wanting to engage the BUGS to do workshop training to participants of a Blender Competition they are organizing. However, due to series of logistics and legal issues, the workshops have been delayed indefinitely. Hence, we decided to go ahead and schedule one of our own workshops to the public on the 19th of September. Next, we talked about getting ourselves a logo. Its decided last meeting that BUGS members should submit a logo design and do a show and tell in this meeting. Weelian, Sim, Chingling, and I showed our design to one another and have fun telling how we got our inspiration. We also showed each other how we created a 3D version of our logo. As we have only 4 design, the BUGS members present that day agreed to extend the “competition” for a little longer. We later have Sacha submitted his design as well about a week or two later and the stage is set for voting in the mailing list.

Around August 27th, Weelian sent email to the BUGS saying that a Darrel Chua is organizing Software Freedom Day in Singapore at the National Library Head Quarter and has contacted him to have a Blender presence during Software Freedom Day. With that news, I went ahead and contacted Darrel for booth to showcase Blender to the public on Software Freedom Day which coincidentally happens on Sept 19th as well. As one of the goals of the BUGS is to promote Blender locally, the workshop on the 19th is postpone and all efforts is set on promoting Blender on Software Freedom Day (SFD). It is the BUGS first marketing attempt!! In the mailing list I even suggested we put the BUGS’s logo to a public vote! But that did not happen as a few days before SFD, it is very clear which logo is a favorite among the members. With our Logo at hand, we set sail for SFD 2009 with Weelian, Sacha and me. What happen at SFD 2009? Read the next blog……


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