B.U.G.S. Blender Workshop #1

This is the first Blender Workshop by the Blender User Group of Singapore (BUGS) and it was a great success. It was held at NgeeAnn Polytechnic where Weelian Soh is a lecturer there and have been giving free Blender Workshop there every Saturday for the past few months. The crowd consists mainly of students but there are also professionals from Industrial Design, University Lecturers, animators from local studios, etc.

The workshop started with me introducing the BUGS and encouraging attendance to signup via emailing me. I also gave an overview meaning of what it means to use open source and how, by participating in BUGS, we are forming our own local support. Next came the first presentation by Weelian Soh where he demonstrated how to model a MIG in 10mins. He is a military aircraft enthusiast and looking at him modelling in 10mins is really amazing. Plus, he is explaining some Blender keystrokes and modelling principles at the same time! Next came our local professional Industrial Designer and freelance lecturer Sim Pern Chong demonstrating a model exported from Rhino and rendering in Blender. He showed the beauty and speed of the Blender raytracing and compositing capabilities for adjusting the colors, shadows, and highlights all in one software. The crowd were really impressed by that demo, especially the Industrial Design group. Last but not least, we have Sacha Goedegebure, who showcase Blender with a “You can do it in Blender too?” theme. In a nutshell, he demonstrated the Big Bug Bunny Live Edit, which amazes the crowd that Blender has a built-in Video Editor. Next he showed how he modelled a cartoony dog bone using Meta Shapes. Riding on the crowds’ feeling of “Woah!” he continued with Sculpting, ReTopo, amazing rendering without ray-tracing, and finally the BGE without programming. After all the awesome demonstrations, Daniel Yam concluded the workshop with why and how Blender and open source software is great for the local media industry and how joining the BUGS could help. I wished I had recorded Daniel Yam’s to-the-point rousing charismatic speech which by trying to re-phrase it here will do him and the BUGS injustice.

Weelian Speed Modeling a MIG-17

Weelian Speed Modeling a MIG-17

Sim's using Blender for Product Visualization -- Rendering and Compositing

Sim's using Blender for Product Visualization -- Rendering and Compositing

Sacha -- "You can do it in Blender too?"

Sacha -- "You can do it in Blender too?"

Daniel's rousing concluding speech

Daniel's rousing concluding speech

After the workshop, we have the crowd hanging around with questions and students showcasing their games using the BGE to Sacha. Weelian also showed his work using SynthEyes and Blender. Furthermore, he demoed how he captured HDRI images with “silver ball” and create realistic render with our favorite piece of software.

There you have it, the first Blender Workshop by the Blender User Group of Singapore. More to come later… … For more report about the workshop, visit Sim’s blog entitled “Ngee Ann Polytechnic Workshop”.


2 responses to “B.U.G.S. Blender Workshop #1

  1. this sucks! Will there be more of these workshops planned in June?

    Only started playing with blender a few days ago, surprised to find a blender user group in singapore, disappointed that i missed the first workshop by wat, 3 weeks?

  2. No worries, there are more to come. We currently being invited to do a few workshop. I highly suggest you join the BUGS by sending a self-introductory email to renderfun(at)gmail(dot)com and tell us about how you get to know about Blender!!

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