Blender User Group of Singapore First Meeting

Back: Victor Yap. / Front: Soh Weelian, Daniel Yam, Sacha Goedegebure, Sim PernChong.

Back: Victor Yap. / Front: Soh Weelian, Daniel Yam, Sacha Goedegebure, Sim PernChong.

On 2009 April 21st, I gathered a small group of people with the drive to give our favourite software further publicity. With guidance from Ton Roosendaal, the first Blender User Group Meeting is held to help build a Blender community. Those who attended this meeting are:-

Sacha Goedegebure — Instructor @ 3dsense Media School, Director of Big Buck Bunny
Sim Pern Chong — Industrial Designer
Soh Weelian — Instructor at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of InfoComm Technology
Daniel Yam — Creative Director of The Creative Room
Victor Yap — Solution Architect

As this is our first event and held at almost dinner time, it was decided to be a “Bring Your Own Snacks” theme. Each one of us brought snacks to share while I provided drinks as well. Since its the first meeting, we pretty much hammered out what the objectives of BUGS and immediately set to work on our first event, a workshop to showcase Blender.

Sacha showcase some of the things he is working on and Sim also showed his portfolio and what had done to create interest for a Blender Workshop previously. Weelian also showed his passion for airplane modeling and guiding us to his latest youtube tutorial.

It was fun getting to know each other and finding out how different our backgrounds are but coming together with a common goal as Blender users. From different points of view, here is what we envisioned the objectives of the Blender User Group of Singapore:-

  • To provide support of local Blender Users
  • To showcase individual, groups, and/or organizations Blender projects
  • To spread the usage of Blender to both professional and new artists

Next meeting should be somewhere around June/July. Right now, its the Blender Workshop in May.


4 responses to “Blender User Group of Singapore First Meeting

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  2. Hi masters..its Aneesh from Kerala,India.. I have been using max and maya from last few years..and recently experiencing Blender…yaa now am become a great fan of the software..
    though in India we dont have a blender working group( cos blender is not much popular here..even no one knows about its real power i think)

    so if possible i would like to meet u people and like to join the group of blender users..

    Its my pleasure to invite you people to visit my “Gods own land,Kerala,India with a smile..




    • Hi Aneesh……from reliable sources from R&H in India, there is a Blender guru there preaching the goodness of Blender and getting modelers there to use it. Maybe you might want to try to get in touch with someone in R&H perhaps? As for building a community, its up to you to take the initiatives. I have been helping small companies build pipelines and not very good in 3D myself, however my deep love for 3D and open source lead me to wanting more people to know about Blender plus other Digital Content Creation (DCC)open source software goodness.

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