SIGGRAPH 2008 – Day 3

Since I wasn’t feeling like myself, I took it easy today and woke up at around 0930hr which makes me missed my other planned scheduled.  Float around the exhibition hall for a while and went to a Computer Animation Festival Talk entitled “Building an Animation Studio”.  Soon after that, I went to have a late lunch around 16:00hr.  Even after a cup of coffee, I am still sleepy.  I know if I go for any seminar then I will be sleeping no matter how hard I try to be awake.  So my next course of action is to go to the Nokia theater.  Just as I arrived there, the competition just finished screening but following that is all the professional studios demo reel screenings.  Highly entertaining nonetheless.

After watching the spectacular demo reels, I went back to the hotel and changed to something a little more formal for the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008 party.  Its a 30mins walk from the hotel to the party and I was a little overdress.  Fortunately to remedy the problem, all I need to do is to take off my tie and unbutton my jacket.  I am still not myself but tried to maintain my composure.  Time still passes by fast regardless. As the streets that my hotel resides is not a safe street I should get back by 21:00.  Instead, I left the party at 21:40 and arrive at the hotel around 22:10.  One more day to go (for me at least, SIGGRAPH ends on the 15th, but I am going back early in the morning on the 15th).


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