Journey to Los Angeles

Reach Taipei airport at 13:00hr but my next flight leaves at 16:40hr but boarding starts at 1600hr. Lots of shops here but none caught my interest.  Interesting concept is you can buy tokens for massage chairs and enjoy relaxing music while getting a mechanical massage. There was this soup in a bread bowl thing that I was extremely tempted to try but did not have the appetite for.

Arrived Los Angeles around 1400hr LA time. By the time I get out of the Airport and took a “Share-A-Van” ride to my hotel, its already 15:30hr.  Its was quite a shocker when I entered my room.  It has a toilet and a double decker bed.  Feel like a kid again when I see the bed.  Its has no air-con and the bathroom is shared among the other guest living in the same floor.  Feels more like a high class back-packers hotel then a real hotel/motel.  Quite an eye-opener.  By the time I showered its about 17:00hr, called my cousin, CheeYan, up and he brought me out for dinner and went to Walmart to get some stuff that is not availble in Singapore.  Brought me to this nice Korean restaurant where eating the appetizer alone is already quite filling.  Fortunately, he knows how much two big guy can stomache so the amount was just nice.

The trip to Walmart was quite nostalgic but it closes at 10pm even though its a Super-Walmart. Its seems like the layout of the palce is still the same as in 2004, the year I left USA for good.  This is my first trip since then.  Anyway, after the Walmart trip, I came back to my hotel to find that my keycard is no longer working and upon getting it fixed at the reception, apparently mine is not the only one. Once I settled down in my room, I got my computer down to the lobby and tried to access the internet, lo and behold, I saw …… Sacha and Nathan!!! They were having some trouble with their room but the big thing is the ENTIRE BLENDER GANG is in the same hotel I am staying!!! Quick someone go buy lottery.  I think half of this hotel guests are SIGGRAPH attendees.

Tomorrow agenda: Learn how to to walk to LA Convention Center from hotel. Get Badge. Explore some more.


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