CGOverdrive 2008 – Last Day

Well… … here we are, the last day of CGOverdrive 2008 and it ended with a presentation by not one but two Blender speaker — Sacha and Andy. The host of CGOverdrive calls the conference as the “Blender sandwich” as the entire 4 day conference started with Blender as the keynote on day one and now it ends with Blender. The presentation was refreshing as its the first time I saw two presenter presenting a common topic on stage in CGOverdrive. The overall feeling is like as if two friends who had went through months of intense hardship but have forgotten what had happened now have a casual get-together trying to remember what they did during those “tough times” over coffee and sandwiches. It is as if I am watching a drama unfold instead of watching a presentation and I find it hard that they have planned it that way but it turned out that way anyway. Unfortunately photography was not allowed during the presentation so I could not take photos of them in action. Compared to the other conferences, its much more entertaining.

The Making of Big Buck Bunny

Andy and Sacha also brought along with them some BBB DVD which they gave as prizes at the end of their presentation if the audience could answer their question which in the end cut back the Q&A session or maybe its more like a reverse Q&A where instead of the audience asking question, its the presenters. Once the prizes are out and the conference officially ended, audiences swamp to the stage for more autograph and photo taking.

Sacha and Fans after conference ended

Andy and Fans after conference ended

After all their fans left, I brought them back to their hotel by one of Singapore’s public transport called the Mass Rapid Transit or MRT. I summed them up how the MRT system functions and how to get around Singapore using it. Once they put their bags back to the hotel, we proceeded back to the MRT and traveled to City Hall station. There I brought them to the Funan IT Mall where they glimpse through prices of various computing products and compared to the Netherlands and Germany, the differences in prices is not a lot.

Next stop, The Esplanade or more commonly known in Singapore as “The Durian”. My wife was supposed to meet up with her friends there with my daughter but it was canceled. So she met up with us instead and We went to Makan Sutra for food such as the Malays’ Satay, BBQ Chicken Wing roasted over charcoal, Chinese Hokkien Mee, Oyster Omelette and Chinese Carrot Cakes (the black sauce version). For drinks, they have coconuts but Andy was not used to it so opted for iced Milk Tea later. Sacha seems to enjoy the coconut juice and he even finishes Andy’s share.

After dinner, we took a slow walk to the Merlion Garden where we took photos of both the Merlion and “The Durian”. Time passes by fast when you have fun, its getting late so we took a bus back to their hotel.

— 2008/June/20


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