CGOverdrive 2008 – Day 3

I was at CGO at 08:45hr today and there are like only a handful of people. Due to personal matter, I only stayed for the first conference and had to rush out. Character Animation: Traditional Arts and Modern Technology by Paul Wollenzien of Rune Entertainment pretty much hammered into the audience head that story comes first, not technology. As he is also teaching in Sheridan Global (which will open a branch in Singapore end of this year), he often see enthusiastic new comer of 3D who wanted to learn Maya to tell their greatest story ever told only to fail miserably in the end. He cannot emphasize enough that it is the human that is telling a story, not Maya. His best example would be, you not go to a school and said, “Teach me pencil!!”

Technology helps in realizing your story but it does not tells the story. Paul gave a few examples of how when story drives technology everyone wins and when technology drives story it is pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. The audience in the theater or television really do not care if you made it with a pencil or computer, what they care most about is the story. You could have the best quality output but if your story suck then the audience would just look for something else.

Other than the above mentioned conference, I was informed by a friend that two of his friends work is on display at the exhibit. It did not seem to pop out at me that it is their work as it seems to me that all the work at the exhibits feels it is either copying from Pixar, Dreamworks, or (insert your favorite animation studio). They are all great work of art and artistic dim wit like me could only dream about achieving such results. However, looking at so much 3D animation in recent years just kinds of numbs you.

As my schedule is packed for personal matters today, I left around noon and did not get to see Sacha nor Andy. Never fear though because tomorrow is their presentation entitled The Making of Big Buck Bunny by Sacha Goedegebure & Andreas Goralczyk of Blender Institute.

Cheong Hoe Yi — Round Eye Dragon

Cheong Hoe Yi --- Round Eye Dragon

Low Bin Weng — Princess of Flame

Low Bin Weng --- Princess of Fame

— 2008/June/19


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