CGOverdrive 2008 – Day 2

There were three conferences today but I was only interested in the latter two, which is Character Animation: An Integrated Pipeline by Patrick Beaulieu from Squeezestudio and Seeing Through the Lens of the ‘Camera’ — Visual Effects for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Transformers and Iron Man by Brian Connor from DAG/ILM, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. I arrived there around 11:00hr but could not find Sacha or Andy, so I proceeded to register myself for Broadcast Asia and check out some of the exhibits. Its a total tradeshow for equipment manufacturers and software makers. There is a booth that is showcasing Ultra HD television systems which I would have watched it if I have not miss the show time. The resolution of the display is that of 7680×4320, or roughly 32 million pixels!!

Moving along, Panasonic booth showcases their latest Cameras and large 103″ LCD display. The camera booth is most interesting as they have setup a scene with three models chatting in an old fashion diner. A slew of Panasonic professional broadcast cameras were setup in a way to allow the visitors to try out the cameras.

Panasonic Professional Broadcast Cameras

Panasonic 103\

The picture above actually shows three 103″ LCD panel being mounted vertically while being lined up side by side. If you didn’t look carefully, you would have thought the two LCDs on the sides are perfectly back lit movie posters.

Time passes by quickly as you view lots of interesting cool stuff, soon its time to get back to the conference. The conference about character animation pipeline is strictly focus on just the animation part of the pipeline. I took as much notes as I possibly can hoping to later discuss it with my fellow production team when I get back to Malaysia. Once that is done and over with, I found Sacha and Andy standing right outside the conference room wearing the signature Big Buck Bunny T-Shirt. They were sitting in the same conference but could not sit still for too long so they decided to hang out outside the conference room. When someone requested for the BBB DVD, Sacha gave them the DVD which he only brought along an extremely limited quantity. Upon giving it to the person, he highly encourage them to share with as many people as possible and elaborate a little on the content of the DVD and Blender.

As we continue to chit chat about the culture and the what-nots of Asia in general, it somehow started to gather a crowd who wanted pictures and autographs from them. Sacha totally dig the attention while Andy tries to play it cool.

Sacha and Fans

Andy and Fans

I could not let this opportunity pass, so I too requested for a picture. (^_^)

Sacha, Me, Andy

After the photo session, its time for the next conference. As Sacha himself has predicted, he could not sit still for too long. About twenty minutes into the conference he left. About thirty minutes later Andy left too. I continued on till the conference ended for the day. When I went out, Sacha and Andy were mingling with people from the 3Dsense Media School booth (most of them are instructors at the booth doing student recruitment). 3Dsense Media School is also the organization that started CGOverdrive. As more people gathered around them, I said my goodbyes as I have people to fetch at the Airport.

Looking forward to another great day at CGOverdrive tomorrow albeit it will be a very short for me.

— 2008/June/18


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