Maya crashing on GNOME and KDE but not XFCE4. (Fedora 7 specific)

Been testing Fedora 7 with Maya 7, 8, 8.5 and 2008. Problem is if you are running GNOME or KDE, Maya crashes with signal 11 unless you run “nvidia-settings” first!! Search through the internet and similar experience are reported at Autodesk as well. Quite annoying.

However, it seems that if I run Xfce4 as the desktop environment, I DO NOT need to run “nvidia-settings”. JOY!!

Funny thing is, I tried going even lighter with fluxbox and twm, Maya still require “nvidia-settings” to run first or else it will kill itself with signal 11.

Running KDE with Maya 7, Maya would unexpectedly disappear half way through using it. Not with Xfce4. Xfce4 is running quite reliably with Maya 7, 8.5 and 2008.

The plan now is to roll out F7 + XFCE4 + Maya 7 or 2008. Hate to tell the artists that because they prefer the “better looking” and “advance” KDE. Oh Bother!!

If they could run Blender, all problems solved!!