It’s been awhile … … and something about “Cloud Storage”

Starting a business and constantly pivoting on ideas while doing consulting sure takes a toll on “Free Time” for things like BUGS and open source software. Picked up Python 3 along the way and made some software or should I say “apps” with Kivy on the Android Platform.

With all the hype about putting everything on the internet ( I believe common folks knows it as “cloud” now), everywhere you turn keeps encouraging you to put things up in the concentric water vapor. For cloud storage, there is a secure storage options called SFTP that most common folks had long forgotten. Its no Dropbox nor Gdrive nor OwnCloud nor anything sharing as many common folks know it but it sure is the granddaddy of “Cloud Storage”.

With a solid foundation based on SSH, the connection is already encrypted by default. Furthermore, you are not limited to a certain app to connect via SFTP protocol. Common Operating Systems have many native apps that can connect to SFTP server. So whether you are using iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, or *BSD, there is an app already built to connect you securely to the “cloud” for all your privately secure storage needs.

After some brain storming with my business partner, we thought we would begin to offer SFTP service for individuals and businesses who would like to use their own USB3-powered Storage Devices (eg, Flash Drive, Harddisk, Solid State Disk) and have us host it on the cloud using this extremely secure protocol.  If you like the idea of buying your own harddisk and get us to host it for you, check out RentaBlock.



Blender User Group of Singapore Meetup — 24th Sept 2011

The Blender User Group of Singapore (BUGS) will be having a meetup on the 24th of September 2011.  It has been a while since we’ve last met and most of us just communicated via mass email.  Yes, we are alive and kicking just not that visible to the world.  Those who are interested in joining the BUGS are highly encourage to contact me directly via renderfun [at] gmail [dot] com. This meet up follows swiftly after Software Freedom Day where members of the BUGS participated in spreading our favorite 3D packages and provides an introductory workshop to the public wanting to test the 3D water.  Currently, topics for the meetup are still in discussions but we are looking at a tutorial for Cycles and a touch of Python Scripting in Blender.  The space is graciously provided by where they also host tons of other tutorial and workshops for other open source projects.  Below are the meetup information and I hope to see you there!!


 Date:     24th of September 2011
 Time:     11:00hr -12:30hr
           70A Bussorah Street,
           Singapore 199483.
 Agenda:  - Cycles
          - Python Scripting in Blender

BUGS at Software Freedom Day 2011

Once again, we will be participating in this year’s Software Freedom Day (SFD).  A major plus for this is year is that Soh Wee Lian ( ) will be conducting a workshop.  Wee Lian recently went back to school to refresh himself with VFX production and got a job at Lucas Film.  The best part is, he did it most of his stuff in Blender!!   As SFD is an event to let the public know about Open Source Software, the workshop is a gentle introduction to the world of 3D for those who want to get a little taste of making something in the 3rd dimension. If you have never use a 3D software before, come on in and see it for yourself.  It would be beneficial if you pre-install blender first before attending the workshop. You can download Blender at

See you there!!

BUGS meeting #5

As I have announce in the “year-end review” of the BUGS mailing list,
this year will be a go-all-the-way-out-year to boost the presence of
BUGS.  Henceforth, make yourself present on the

 Date:     27th of February 2010
 Time:     12:00-1300hr
 Location: UniSIM
           535A Clementi Road
           Block 82 --- Rm2.02
 Agenda: Marketing events for 2010
         - Workshops
         - Portfolio / Demo Reel
         - Xtreme Animation
         - Logo / Motion Graphic Animation Competition

Give some serious thoughts about the agenda and give us feedback!!

Blender Talk @ Hackerspace.SG

Date:   18th January 2010
Time:   1900hr (0700pm)
Venue:  New Hackerspace
        70A Bussorah Street

About the Talk:  The Blender User Group of Singapore would give a general overview of 3D technology with relation to how Blender is use to create 3D images.  Works of local artists will be showcased and discussion about open movies that the Blender foundation has been engaging in the past and present.

BUGS Christmas Gathering … We have a good time!

For those who missed out on the gathering, the subject title says it all.  Ching Ling brought along the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 Animation Theatre DVD and showed us the best of the best (in SIGGRAPH opinion), oh yes, and those scrumptious “maid cookies” too.  In about two and half hours, we talked various topic from the Blender 2.49 to 2.50 to 2.60, our experience this past year, what we are currently engaged in, etc. Everyone gets to know a little about the others a little deeper. Daniel and I talked about maybe a little project for the BUGS to engage in this upcoming year so as to showcase that the BUGS can do something.  We are in the visual industry and a portfolio is literally a required calling card. Do give me your thoughts on that and ideas on how we can proceed.

As we are at the end of the year, here’s a brief and debrief of 2009. I am quite amaze by our progress. It started with talks in March and a realization in April. We grew steadily and at a manageable pace. The best part is that we have unique people from different industries like Industrial Design, Instructors, Director, Studio Owner, Oil & Constructions, Architecture, Students in Engineering, Vjay, etc.  The members itself gave everyone a chance to share in a workshop with different point of view. Software Freedom Day gave us a good publicity and more people now know about us. Each of our workshop is a success and more to come in 2010.

For the year 2010, I am planning for more workshops and “show and tell”.  Some tentative topics includes “Things to consider when starting a new project”, “Architectural Viz workflow”, “Where’s the Fund?”, etc.  Beside workshop, There are sessions where each of us will be given 10 minute for a lightning show and tell to showcase what we have done or even work-in-progress.  There is going to be a fun competition to create motion graphics for our logo and that could be an individual or group project which would require time commitment (not a lot).  These ideas are not concrete yet but I believe its what will help us all move to better establish the Blender User Group as a credible and resourceful organization.

On the infrastructure side, I will be doing my best to engage a local university to support our effort by donating servers and space at least for an official blog site, mailing list, and an official meeting place.  The year 2010 will what I hope to be an “Engaging” year where we will engage as many people as possible to be interested in using Blender, joining the BUGS and most importantly, share and support everyone.

As a closing for this last mail of 2009, I would like to thank Weelian and Sim for their constant unwavering support.  Daniel Yam for constantly pushing me and providing me solutions to think bigger. Sacha for putting me into thinking about the Blender community in a global sense. Last but not least, all of you BUGS members, as well as Blender User Group worldwide for making Blender a growing success in each of your circle of friends and community.

I look forward to greater things and more dialogue within the BUGS and wish you all a Great 2010!!

BUGS Christmas Gathering 2009

I hope all of us are feeling the Christmas spirit and don’t forget out first ever BUGS Christmas Gathering!!

Daniel Yam is sponsoring the location and drinks!  Ching Ling will be back from SIGGRAPH ASIA and will be sharing with us about her experience there.  Once again we will do it potluck style so bring snacks/food to share and the host will supply the drinks!

Its a good time for a year-end review and to look forward for our road to a great 2010!!
BUGS Christmas Gathering

Date:  26th December 2009
Time:  10:00hr (aka. 10AM)
Venue: The Creative Room
       447A Macpherson Road S(368157)

447A Macpherson is the first bus stop after Hotel Windsor. It’s a row of old shophouses in front of the bus stop.  They are on the second floor.

I look forward to seeing all of you there!!